About me!

Hey there readers, my name is Michael. Robertsitalia is actually a combination of my last name and of course the country Italy, which, to be honest, doesn’t have too large of a presence on the blog.

The Be Great! blog stems from my goal of life. I am someone who wants to be successful in every way. Not just financially, or in my career path, but in any aspect life has to offer. School, work, family, relationships, church, personal habits…. Success is what I am about. I want to, literally, Be Great!

At this stage of the blog, I don’t really have one particular niche I’m focused on. Luckily this blog isn’t about me writing my life down either, for I feel that there are more valuable things I can share with you.

The blog is eventually going to evolve. You will see that I post photos periodically (all of which are original). Sometimes I talk about lessons I’ve learned or principles to motivate people into “Being Great.” I also recently started the “Sunday Blog” as a place where I could share my views on Christ, mostly as an effort to adequately portray to each you who I really am.

Eventually, as I learn, and grow, and gain experience, I hope to turn this into something truly great. In the meantime, as it evolves, I will share my thoughts and ideas, as well as anything else that I feel like is worth something to you. So go ahead and browse through what I have so far, and hopefully in the future I’ll give you something that you might consider to Be Great!

Thanks for stopping by!

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