The Musical Simplicity Effect

Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, One Direction…. etc etc etc. These are just three of the most popular people in music. There are millions upon millions of fans for each one of these performers, but I have also ran into a lot of people that completely hate their music. Those that love it adore the tune, manage to memorize every eighth-note and beat. Those who hate it, well, despise every eighth note, mostly (from what they have told me) because they think that the music is of dirt quality. You won’t find much more emotion in life than in the 14 year old female Bieber-adorer, nor in the diversified group of Bieber-haters out there. I hope to explain my take on why that is.

First off, lets think about the songs they perform. The songs of these people I have listed above, and many other popular billboard hits, all seem to have one thing in common. Simplicity. Their music is simple, and that, from what I’ve found, is the reason that many music lovers hate their music. They feel like the quality and originality isn’t there, or that someone else wrote it for them (which is often true), or that they aren’t “true musicians”. Most likely they think all three.

Guitar Emerson

What is incredible, is that the die hard fans love the music for the same reason. It’s simple. They can pick it up quickly, it is easy to remember, and since the average listener may not be incredibly musically talented, the simple music appeals to them. It is something they can connect with. They can relate to it.

Last night, my wife just started spitting out popular song after popular song that has come out over the past few years. Ranging from Jason Mraz, to Taylor Swift, to Rihanna, she gave me the names of the song, or played a portion of it off of Youtube, and then I made an improv cover of it one the piano. It was because they were so simple that I was able to m
In almost no time, I could sing and create my own rendition of “Safe and Sound”, or put together an alternate version of “The Lazy Song.” It was awesome. And to be honest that is why the gain their success. Their music connects to the simple ear, and it rings for hours and hours. So while their music may not be the most talented out on the planet, I do need to say this; I’m grateful they give me the chance to cover their songs so easily, and have a blast doing it. Thanks for stopping by!ake an improv up so fast. And it was ridiculously fun!

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