As Many Skills As You Can

This post won’t be very long.

I had an interesting discussion the other day with someone I know, who gave me this simple advice:

“Gain as many skills as you possibly can.”

This person I speak of as going to finish his accounting program soon. In his experience he told me, very rarely are job descriptions molded into the exact “duties” listed on a job posting. Often, positions morph and form according to your skill set, or even better, you may be able to change your own job if you have certain skills.

This is true in any profession. A switch hitter in baseball will always be more valuable than a player stuck to one side of the base. A multi-instrumentalist always adds more value to a band or orchestra. A marketing expert who also understands programming is certainly highly valuable.

The lesson? Be good. And be good at as many things as you can be. Does this mean tackle everything in life and never focus on specific targets? Obviously not. This advice has to be applied in a personal way to every different person reading it. The idea, however, is that in whatever you are trying to do, the more you can do, well, then the more you can do. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for stopping by!


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